Friday, January 23, 2009

Actual Pilgrim!

I'm reading up on how to create a pilgrim for a trial run tomorrow, and I couldn't resist making one really quick. I invented some companions to complete his profile, but I'm too lazy to make some for them. Besides, this is only practice! Until next time, please enjoy the origins of monk Wylde Grand, the Wild Wind!

Wylde the Wild Wind

Origin: Nomad

Wylde as an infant was floating on the air currents in a basket with big blue "It's a boy!" balloons attached. Apparently there were too many balloons! He was adopted by pirates who found him tangled in their sails. He grew up sailing from world to world, pillaging and cursing and is generally lacking in the finer art of etiquette.

Departure: Castaway

He is separated from his ship when a ginormous storm rocks the boat. He is launched into an aimless flight until he lands (roughly) within the temple walls and becomes a "young visitor."

How does your Pilgrim get into trouble?

Wylde grew up thieving and his salty dog nature gets him into trouble. He lacks the insight to avoid taking things he wants or getting revenge on others. He is a bit reluctant to become a pilgrim or monk, and has a fond wish to find his true "home."

How does your Pilgrim solve his problems?

Wylde like to resort to trickery, since his rhetoric skills are about non-existant. Surprisingly, he is a great trickster and manages to get out of some pretty sticky situations through outfoxing the competition.

Wylde gets into trouble at the Temple

Growing up as a thief, Wylde finds it hard not to just take what he wants. He is very interested in the temple's supply of wish granting Koi and steals one in order to blackmail a few choice requests. Little did he know the Koi could scream for help!

Houlei comes to the rescue

Houlei is sitting in the rock garden when Wylde runs in. Having a crush on him, she decideds to help him (despite the obvious infraction of rules!) as long as he will return the fish to its rightful place. He runs off and she stands gaurd to distract the elders who are now rushing out of the temple at the sounds of the Koi.

Houlei gets into trouble

Before she can come up with anything, Houlei slips on the wet drips left by the fish and knocks over some very carefully arranged rock stackings. The feng shui of the entire temple is thrown off as each rock in the garden is disturbed in a domino effect- all right in front of every elder in the temple!

Finally, LeForte comes to the rescue

It's not long before the whole temple knows what's going on! LeForte, being extremely honest but also extremely compassionate, steps forward to appologize for his associates. Luckily, he is highly skilled in the art of rock arranging and stacking and volunteers his service in repairs to the garden. Noble LeForte is, of course, assisted by his companions, who lift the huge rocks while the expert arranger barks commands. Turns out there is no better restitution than saying sorry and cleaning up!


Pilgrim Wylde the Wild Wind has a Bond of Suspicion to Pilgrim Houlei the Singing Bird because Houlei is a goody two shoes, but for some reason is always helping him out. Wylde is too naive to realize she has a crush on him, and just sees her as bending her morals for some wily plot. He does however admire her (fictitious) ability to plot.

Pilgrim Wylde the Wild Wind has a Bond of Pest to Pilgrim LeForte the Still Pond because he thinks LeForte can be a real stick in the mud some times. It's just plain funny to see the look on LeFortes face when Wylde dumps disapearing ink all over his sacred scrolls!

The collective group of pilgrims are called the Squabbling Squirrels because of the clashing natures of their personalities. Houlei is constantly torn between being stable and noble like LeForte and having fun and playing around like Wylde. Each of them bicker constantly over big and little moral and etiquette issues.

Rotating Lead Pencil

(click for link)

Check this out! A mechanical pencil that rotates constantly to get an even wear on the lead! Amazing idea, and if you, like me, use these things all the time, you will understand why that is a good thing.

So why am I not buying it?

Because as an artist, I need multiple kinds of tips to produce artwork. I use a sharp edge for line work and a soft worn down angle for shading. Over the years I've learned to manipulate the lead to get whatever kind of tip I need. I do waste lead this way, but not that much and the stuff comes cheap- plus it's a great result.

But I'm sure it's awesome for writing!


Hey check it out I made a font out of my (awful, awful) handwriting!

Another Update on Chapter 3

Like 2 hours more of work. Am I getting minimum wage here? Taking a lot longer than I thought, but it's fun. Big ol flash shine in this one. Enjoy, click for big.

Curly black hair will be the death of me.