Thursday, August 26, 2010

I got a mention on Daniel's blog for Pilgrimizing Batman & Robin:

Try the game yourself!

I wish I could charge $100 million for a logo! - I know a ton of research and development goes into these logos, and an expert team of designers, but I've read the hilariously silly pepsi creative brief that explains their thought process and it sounds like a fabulous way to sucker companies with too much money rather than a legit system. People who are not visually informed can be deer in headlights when it comes to a thing like a logo, so they can make the mistake of tossing money at it until it's good. I suppose that works, eventually! It's up to the designer and agency to be honest about their practices.

And, by the way, even though I hated the pepsi logo at first, it's actually not that bad. Secretly, I still drink it on occation.