Monday, February 2, 2009

Crosses for the Lost

There's something I thought of the other day. I've always been very moved by animals being hit by cars. All last week a poor coyote lay by the highway for me to see everyday. I thought of the little crosses people put by the road when a loved one dies in a car accident- wouldn't it be nice if all those animals were honored similarly? If every time I saw an animal who lost it's life I left a memento? A simple cross with the name of the creature- "In memory of Coyote." Next to the place where frogs migrate, hundreds of tiny popsicle stick crosses, each saying "RIP Frog."

What kind of an impression would th at make on passers by? To think of all those animals cars kill, and how many people simply don't care? I am not christian, but I think that this is a very poignant way to say "pay attention." Besides, it didn't start as that, it started with the coyote and me just wanting to honor its poor lost soul.

If I get a chance, I would like to do this project. I also have harbored a simple fantasy for a while in which I am an old lonely widower who picks up road kill and gives it a proper burial. The entirety of her land is hills and hills as far as the eyes can see of tiny crosses. Up front are two big crosses for my dearly lost... morbid, huh? Makes a good visual. I painted this a while back, the scan is a bit washed out...

Click for big.