Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After getting frustrated with my micron pens one too many times, I decided to go out and find the new pen for me. I was looking for something to give more delicate detail control, but with a nice variation in line. I also need something waterproof, because I love to use watercolors over pen.

I quickly stumbled across a variety of lovely professional brush pens, these seem to be the lead runners in the world of inking:

Kuretake Brush Pen
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

From some extra research however I found that the Pentel has trouble with drying out, especially with long strokes. I'm still keen on trying the Kuretake, but the price is a bit prohibitive at the moment. A bit more in the price range is below:

Uni-ball Pocket Brush Pen - Fine
Zebra Disposable Brush Sign Pen

But before I sprang the "big bucks" ($12) for these beauts, I decided to check out the local art supply store. To my fabulous surprise, I found this little number:

The Faber-Castell PITT artist pen, in black 199 brush tip (B). It's waterproof, light-fast, india ink with a soft (solid) tip. It creates very delicate lines, and bold calligraphy swooshes, and even hold up on flow for those extra long lines. I'm going to try this bad boy out a few times, see if it's pleasant features hold out over long, hard use, but for now I'm quite delighted!!