Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sorry not to post in a while, it was really sad when we had to give the Baron away, so I had to get over that first (:P)

The Baron started getting big- and eating $8 worth of food a day - YIKES. We had to give the little guy up, but we found this awesome bird rescue service just south of Ennis/Dallas. Driving up was awesome, they had peacocks and storks and ducks everwhere, plus a big sign that said "BEWARE OF DUCK" and I think is was serious.

This is Brian and the Baron outside the rescue. The rescue was awesome because they would take ANY bird and rehabilitate them, NO KILLING because the animal is too hard to take care of. They're the only place like this we could find in DFW.

We walked in and saw: A parrot receptionist. Oh man. And a huge cage full of grackles- nice to see someone cares about little lives enough to take care of grackles! A teenage girl walked by with a golden eagle hanging from her arm that was half as big as she was, casually as if it was nothing.

"What have we got here? OH a kingbird!" The lady grabs the Baron out, powders and washes him. Someone says, "Should we put him in with the scissor tails?" To which we hear, "it's your funeral!" (apparently they dont get along!) SO they put the Baron in a cage that is brimming with adorable fledgling kingbirds, like 10 others. Wow!

So that's that! Bye bye Baron, we both cried to see him go. That was 2 months ago, so by now he is up and flying around the nature preserve the rescue has. Good luck to him, I bet he makes a lovely adult :)

Click here for a video of goodbye:
And just another video:
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