Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update on the baby bird.

My wildlife specialist friend says he is most likely a Western Kingbird instead of a couches, since westerns are more common up here.

We've named him Baron Von Ünderbite since he's got a wonky looking beak. We also call his nest Ünderland. Here is the Baron being adorable:

Here he is savagely consuming a mealworm. We've also been feeding him baby bird formula, but it's grain based and Kingbirds eat bugs and fruit. Hopefully we can get him on a mostly insect diet soon, but at least he seems to like the formula.

And here he is in jail! Oh no... we got him a new Ünderland, an actual bird cage. He'll be safer in here even if it isnt as cute a place to keep him. We keep him outside on our porch with a sheet up to screen him from the evening sun. His mom's tree is right there, so you can hear them talking all day long. She just can't seem to find him or feed him. They're fiercely territorial so it may be that he is technically out of her territory now. Who knows, but we're the feeders now. We're hoping getting to talk to other Kingbirds all day will make it easier to release him when he fledges, maybe his mom will teach him to hunt.

And here is my drawing of him. :P