Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chapter 3 nearly done

Chapter 3 is almost done! Just a little more tweaking with the contrast/value, and there you have it.

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PS, did you notice I got another scanner? :)

Actual Actual Pilgrim!

I present to you the story of Vistana the Silent Monkey, an actual actual pilgrim! Created the real way with actual other people playing the parts of Raisin the narcissistic hero-type and Nubs the clumsy, little jeweler. I created Vistana because we did it over Skype and my (Vista) computer decided my microphone wouldn't work, thus making vow of silence.

Vistana the Silent Monkey


Vistana was a middle class daughter, fairly plain, of a family from the town Skipee. In the town of Skipee there is a new trend amongst teenagers- becoming a Windist. Vistana particularly likes the way her conversion to Windism irritates her parents, and becomes very pious, even taking a vow of silence she never breaks.

She ruins a dinner party for her parents one night by marching around the dining room with Windist slogans on signs. Her parents are horrified and quickly ship her off to the temple ala boarding school.

Vistana gets into trouble by being pushy and evangelical with her religion to the point of being a pest. She is also always silent, so she can be misunderstood, unheard, or appear very rude.

Vistana gets out of trouble by sheer luck and coincidence. She attributes this to a higher power, the Lord Geyts, but it's probably just dumb luck.

Vistana got in trouble when:

Vistana was taking her turn on kitchen duty when the large bag of Windist flyers she constantly carries catches on fire. Panicked, she runs to tell the only elder in the kitchen, Squinting Owl. Unfortunately she can only talk with notes and Squinting Owl has forgotten his spectacles today. He reads the note saying "Help! There is a fire!" and believes it to say "Hey! I've got a flyer!" He complements her flyer, much to her dismay.

Raisin is nearby and sees what happens. Seeing a chance to prove himself a mighty hero, he runs up to tell Squinting Owl verbally that the kitchen is on fire. Unfortunately, old Squinting Owl's hearing is going as well and the elder believes Raisin has said he has lit the kitchen on fire. The kitchen is burning down as the young man gets a talking to.

The next day everyone is mourning the loss of the kitchen due to Raisin "setting the fire." A boy named Nubs notes that the kitchen is now a big pile of carbon. Never missing a chance to talk about geological phenomenon, he begins to give an impromptu speech on carbon and diamonds. To better illustrate, he begins taking diamonds as big as his fist out of his pockets. Other people are gaping- they ask if they could have some. Nubs shrugs and hands them off. On his planet, diamonds are worthlessly common, but for the Temple they buy a brand new state of the art kitchen and everyone is pleased with the outcome!

Vistana has a bond of Pest to Raisin the Fermented Grape because she constantly bothers him with her flyers and evangelical ways.

Vistana has a bond of Protector to Nubs the Blind Mole because she sees him as in need of holy guidance and protection from his clumsy ways.

If you like, the stories of Raisin and Nubs


Raisin is showing off for newcomers when an older boy, Speaking Flower, overhears. Speaking Flower asks Raisin to make a speech at next weeks statue dedication, since speaking flower wont be able to go. Raisin is so busy bragging around the temple he forgets to write a speech

Raisin is sweating on stage, but Nubs gladly stands up to take his place. He begins talking about who the statue is dedicated to, but it dissolves into a speech about the origins of granite. Two hours later, everyone but Squinting Owl has politely sneaked away from the speech. Squinting Owl gives Nubs a standing ovation and Nubs takes a sweeping bow- knocking over the statue.

Squinting Owl is of course horrified, but just then Vistana walks up. She is dressed in full Reformataall garbs, which include white powder covering her entire body. The statue was placed in her normal meditation spot, so without noticing she stands still at attention exactly where it had been. Squinting Owl, being a bit hard of seeing, believes it to be the statue replaced. Upon closer inspection he declares that it is uglier than he remembers, and that it should be removed.


Lazy Cloud is given the job of restoring a very valuable jewel encrusted vase, but has pawned it off on Nubs. Since Nubs gets good grades and is from a planet of miners and jewelers, Lazy Cloud believes it to be a good decision. However, very quickly Nubs takes apart the whole thing and is admiring his work. It's better now in his opinion- there are more parts! You can share!

Lazy Cloud returns and is fuming! He gives Nubs an ultimatum- fix it within the hour! Nubs is worrying over the broken bits when Vistana walks by. She is unconcerned with his problem- sorrow is all a part of Geyts plan. She places flyers all over his slumped form and leaves. The flyers are stuck on with tape Nubs realizes! He takes the tape and puts the vase back together. Pleased with his success, Nubs wonders off.

Squinting Owl walks in to see his favorite vase. He can't see too well, so he gets up close with his huge viewing glasses. It seems that there is quite a bit more tape on the vase than he remembers! Seeing the Windist flyers scattered all around, he is sure this was the work of Vistana. However, Raisin comes to the rescue, being the hero again, when he explains to Squinting Owl that she has made the piece better. It is now a post modern piece exploring deconstruction and reconstruction, and really is more valuable than it ever was before. Pleased with this explanation, Squinting Owl commends Vistana on her excellent work.